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Monthly Outings: Troop 928 has a year-round outings program, with an overnight outing every month planned by the Scouts themselves. In addition, the Troop or any of the patrols may plan day hikes or other activities during the year. See the list of outings and dates in our troop calendar. The Troop outings program is designed to provide the Scouts with fun, new skills, and advancement. In addition to meeting requirements for advancing in rank, outings provide opportunities for earning merit badges, including Camping, Hiking, Cooking, Backpacking, Orienteering, Wilderness Survival, and many others.

Weekly Meetings: Troop 928 holds weekly meetings at the White's Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake, TX. Meetings are every Monday evening from 7:00pm until 8:30pm except during the summer and any special occurrences. Please refer to the Upcoming Events list to the right for more information. 

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Welcome to "The Journey"! 

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” - Colin Powell  

Electronics Camp out, Dec 4 - 6

Posted on Nov 28 2015 - 3:43pm

To attend this campout, you and your parents must sign the Conduct Form , no exceptions

Each patrol is responsible for bringing all their own electronic equipment including televisions, gaming systems, extension cords, power strips, movies and games. Patrol leaders will need to coordinate with your patrol to make sure that you have all the equipment you will need for the weekend.

Guidelines are as follows:

GAMES: Only E and T rated video games

MOVIES: Only G, PG and PG13 movies are allowed (some PG13 are not allowed due to content - use your judgment here, remember some scouts are younger than you)? 

MUSIC: Appropriate music only-must not have a parental warning

The Scoutmaster has the final say concerning the appropriateness of any of the above.

Scouts will be sleeping in Troop tents. It is likely to be cold so be sure to bring a warm sleeping bag, pad etc. and layers of clothes as it will be warm while inside the pavilion, but cold when you are outside.

Adults may sleep inside the pavilion (so remember to bring a cot or air mattress to sleep on) or outside in their own tent.

Lexington / Seaworld Campout

Posted on Nov 28 2015 - 3:43pm

January’s campout is going to take us to two different great locations. The first stop on Saturday will be at Sea World where we will take a behind the scene tour of the park and sleep on the floor in the conservatory enclosure. After eating breakfast on Sunday we will feed the stingrays and dolphins and then travel to Corpus Christi and board the USS Lexington where you will be able to tour the ship, go on a history scavenger hunt and spend the night in the crew bunks. This is a great 3 day 2 night trip that will take place during the 3 day weekend/ Martin Luther King holiday.

Cost: Scouts $185.00 / Parents $160.00

Includes: All travel, accommodations, (3) lunch's for scouts. Bring additional money for souvenirs.

Transportation: Will be provided by the parents attending the trip.

Accommodations: Both Sea World and the Lexington will have separate sleeping areas for any Moms who want to make the trip.

Everyone attending the will be required to complete a Release Packet required by Sea World. It will be available for download next week.

DEADLINE for signups is November 29th. Any signups after that date will be on space availability at the USS Lexington. Since this is a holiday weekend they are already down to only 50 open spaces. To guarantee your spot sign up as soon as possible.

Departing 9:30 am Saturday Jan 16thReturning approx. 4:00 pm Monday Jan 18th

Contact Mr. Stage if you have questions. 

Adult Training Opportunities:

Posted on Nov 18 2015 - 4:42pm

As a reminder a current YPT (good for 2 years) is required for all adult leaders and volunteers.  Adults must have a YPT certificate on file to attend campouts.  Please send your YPT certificate to Dave Almand, davidalmand@troop928.org.  

Wood Badge will be conducted March 18, 2016.  (click here). 

Wilderness First Aid and CPR will be conducted Jan 15 -16 and multiple other times in 2016 (click here and here).  Open to Adults and Scouts 14 and older.

Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training: TBD.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS):  April 1-3, April 8-9, 2016 (click here).

Climbing Tower Instructor Training: TBD (click here).

Trainers EDGE: TBD (click here). 

Other Available Adult Training:

Online Youth Protection Training,  Guide to Safe Scouting, Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills, Scoutmaster / Assistant Scoutmaster Leader-specific Training,   Rock Climbing Instructor, Chaplain Training, Wood Badge, Leave No Trace Train-the-Trainer, Shotgun and Rifle Instructor CertificationRange Safety Officer Certification, Trainers EDGE,  University of Scouting  And More...

Click here for information about these courses and others!

“Correcting bad habits cannot be done by forbidding or punishment.” Baden-Powell

Troop 928 Position open; Eagle Board of Review Coordinator

Posted on Nov 17 2015 - 8:13am

Parents of 928 -

A position is open for your involvement in Troop 928, specific to the rank advancement of our Scouts. The role of Eagle Board of Review Coordinator is in need of a new leader. Mike Duffy currently holds this position and is stepping aside to allow another parent to take on this duty.

It's a very fulfilling position in learning of a Scout's path to Eagle, his overall Scout journey and the fulfillment of Scouting's highest rank. The tasks involve scheduling the Review as respective Scouts complete their rank requirements, along with coordinating the event with WCUMC and the other leaders involved in the process. We typically advance one or two Scouts a month to Eagle, to give you an idea of commitment load.

Reach out to any Troop 928 leader with interested, or contact Mr. Duffy directly.

A beginner’s guide to Dutch oven cooking

Posted on Nov 12 2015 - 4:42pm

Welcome to the world of Dutch oven cooking. Whether you’ve cooked with one for years or just want to try it for the first time, we’ve designed this guide with you in mind. You’ll need a Dutch oven and an appreciation for good food.

We call lots of pots Dutch ovens. They’re the ones with three legs on the bottom, designed to sit above some coals, and have a lid with a rim around the outside edge to keep the coals on top from falling off. They’re made with two kinds of material: aluminum or cast iron.

Purists prefer cast-iron ovens. They’re heavy and rust if not properly cared for. But they conduct heat more evenly, and, if well seasoned, develop a nonstick surface that rivals Teflon.

Other folks swear by aluminum. They’re lighter, don’t rust and require fewer coals. But they can develop hot spots and lose heat faster. And food tends to stick.

Click here to read more on Scoutingmagazine.org

Does your sleeping bag smell like a dirty sock?

Posted on Oct 30 2015 - 11:11pm

How to clean and care for your sleeping bag

Does your sleeping bag smell like a dirty sock? Get rid of the stink and dirt with a good washing.

However, frequent (and unnecessary) washings — whether by hand or in a washing machine — could cause your sleeping bag to lose loft and warmth. The baffles take a beating, too.

Get the most out of your sleeping bag by carefully caring for, cleaning and storing it. Here’s how.

Everyday care
Extend the life of your sleeping bag and the time between washings by following this advice:

  • Sleep in clean clothes when you’re camping. Your bag will absorb the dirt and sweat from the clothes you wore all day. Wearing a stocking cap (if it’s not too hot) will keep dirty hair from soiling the bag.
  • A light cotton or polyester sleeping bag liner will keep your bag cleaner and add about 10 degrees of warmth. You can make a liner from a cotton sheet.
  • Air out your bag in the sun for a few minutes each day of your trip.
  • Don’t leave your bag in its confining stuff sack for long periods. Constant compression will damage the fill. Unstuff and fluff your bag as soon as you reach camp.
  • Spot-clean dirt with a toothbrush and soap paste.
  • If it’s not too cold, sleep directly on your foam pad and use your sleeping bag as a blanket.
  • After your trip, air out your bag for an hour or so in sunlight. Be sure it’s completely dry when you put it away. Store it in a large cotton or mesh bag, or hang it (well supported) from a peg. Some bags have a hanging loop.

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